It’s more common than you think, it happens to many traders when they do it the first time. Don’t lose your temper, you’ll be able to fix it and have your automatic registration.


The first thing to do is to check that you do not have the Swiset website translated into Spanish or your preferred language, sometimes there may be inconsistencies in the translation. 


Sometimes having a Plug-In in your browser can cause errors in the Automation Token and Username


At least, take the Username and Automation token with the original language, after this you can change it. 


Once your collection is established, you will receive all the statistics Swiset has for you.


Don’t forget, by automatically connecting you will receive Trading Mentor and Trading Plan messages if you already have our Pro membership.


Interested in acquiring our membership? Go now to and choose the one that best suits you.



If you are part of one of our partner academies, you can apply to receive an additional discount. Don’t miss yours!