Funding test simulation guide 

Inside the Swiset application go to the left side toolbar, look for the "Funding HUNT" tool. 

Here you will find the two markets that have funding test simulations, Forex and futures. 

  1. Choose the market you want to run the simulation on.
  2. After choosing the market, choose the company you would like to simulate the test.
  3. Choose from the different volumes of capital available, the test you would like to simulate.
  4. After choosing the equity, we must select the account with which we want to perform the simulation.

Note: The account you are going to use must be automated and verified.

learn how to verify an account in the following video:

Click continue and check that what you have selected is correct

After making sure that everything is correct, you can click on start simulation

And that's it, you are now simulating your funding test!