Verifying your accounts will grant veracity and transparency to your operation, since the trades that are registered in verified accounts cannot be manipulated or eliminated! 

NOTE: It is a prerequisite that the account to be verified is automated, it will not be possible to verify accounts that have trades imported or entered manually.

 Learn how to automate your accounts here: Swiset | Full Automatic Trading Journal in Swiset App

To verify an account, you must follow the following steps: 

1. Before verifying an account we must have automated Swiset with the account we want to verify 

2. For this we go to the trading journal 

3. We scroll down where it says automate your platform 

4. Here we will find the videos corresponding to the automation of the platform 

5. After automating the platform with Swiset and performing a TRADE, the account will appear in our profile 

6. You go to your profile and look for the account you want to verify and click on "verify account" 

7. And voila, your account is already verified