Bring back your past trades in cTrader to Swiset

NOTE: Trades will be saved in Swiset without strategy (Strategy) or mood (Mood), so you must edit them after uploading them if you want to have statistics about it.


Step by Step:  

  1. In history select the period.
  2. Right click on the headings.
  3. Select Only these Details.
  4. ID, Symbol, Opening direction, Opening time, Closing Time, ...
  5. Entry Price, Closing Price, Commission, Gross $
  6. Go to the Statement tab and select "Export to Excel”.
  7. Now, click on statement, saving the file.
  8. It will remain in document s➡ cTrader ➡ Statements.
  9. Select "cTrader" and choose the file.
  10. Verify that the data is correct according to the table.
  11. Finally, confirm to start uploading the trades.