Bring back your past trades in Meta Trader 4 to Swiset

NOTE: Trades will be saved in Swiset without strategy (Strategy) or mood (Mood), so you must edit them after uploading them if you want to have statistics about it.

Step by Step: 

  1. In account history, right click and select custom period to select the period.
  2. Again, being in account history right click and select "save as report."
  3. Save the file (its normal it saves as .htm)
  4. An internet window will open. If it doesn't open, double click on the file.
  5. Select from the title to the value of “closed PL”.
  6. Copy the values.
  7. Open the excel and create an empty worksheet.
  8. In the first cell (A1), paste the copied values.
  9. Save the Excel file.
  10. Select "MT4" and choose the Excel you saved.
  11. Verify that the data is correct according to the table.
  12. Finally, confirm to start uploading the trades.