Learn how to Sync your trades from MetaTrader5  with Swiset in simple steps.

1. Download the EA (Click Here to Download) it´s called SwisetMT5.ex5 

2. Then in MT5, go to “Files” ➡ “Open Data Folder”. Enter to “MQL5” ➡” Experts” ➡ “Advisors” 

3. Paste the EA  you downloaded  in the “Experts” folder  

4. In “Navigator” click right on “Expert Advisors” and “Refresh” 

5. Go to “Tools” ➡ “Options” ➡ “Expert Advisors”  

6. Paste the link to the Swiset’s API (https://api.swiset.com) to activate it. Make sure that’s well copied and then click on accept. 

7. Drag the EA to a chart (just once) 

8. Write down your Swiset credentials. The Automation Token can be found in your Swiset Profile

Finally, verify you write down correctly your credentials and check there aren´t blank space at the end of it. Then click on “Accept”.